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720g of meat. 180g Fresh Woo Samgyup, 240g Fresh Samgyupsal, 180g Soy Garlic Samgyupsal, 120g Dak Ganjeong, Mini Pajeon, Egg Casserole, 2 Rice, Lettuce, Sauces and 6 Side Dishes.

Favorite Feast BBQ Set for 2 persons

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Good for 2 persons. 

660g of meat and 500ml Iced Tea. Choice of 1 Medium Fresh or Marinated Beef (Woo Samgyup, Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup or Honey Spiced Beef Bulgogi), 1 Large Fresh Pork Samgyupsal, 1 Small Marinated Pork Samgyupsal (Choice of any flavor), 1 Small Fried Chicken Dak Ganjeong, Mini Pajeon, Gyeranjjim, 2 Rice, Lettuce, Sauces and 6 Side Dishes.

*Weight is based on raw weight. Lettuce is sanitized and ready-to-eat. Photo shows Green Ice lettuce, but it may be replaced with Romaine lettuce depending on availability and seasonality. This set does not include soup and dessert.